Children’s Church


Children’s Church is K – 2nd grade during the regular morning worship service, the children participate until around quarter after the hour, when Pastor Tucker calls them forward for the ever popular children’s lesson; then they are dismissed to Children’s Church, which is held in the children’s church room downstairs. It is during this time that the children sing a hymn, pray, and learn about all aspects of the church service; why do we say the Lord’s prayer? What is communion? It is a very interactive class, utilizing wooden models that really bring the Bible stories to life – we have a desert box, a scale model of Jericho, complete with tumbling walls! And a scale model of Jerusalem. The children are then able to participate in the story by moving God’s people across the desert, or marching around Jericho. The teachers rotate each week, and we are so thankful for our many volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the secretary at: